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Shoe Care: How to care for your Satin Shoes

Satin shoes have been all the rage this season, be it for formal evening heels or sneakers. Satin mules, especially, have caught our attention like no other!

While they look extremely stylish and make you feel like you could be walking on liquid, take one wrong step be it close to a puddle, splashing water or spilling some wine after colliding with the waiter (hey, we’ve all been there!) - and they are ruined!

Instead of drawing a hole in your pocket with expensive shoe laundry, here are a few steps you can take for cleaning and caring for your silky satins!

1. Squirt a pea size amount of shampoo in a small bowl of warm water and mix it well

2. Dip a soft sponge in liquid, ring out the excess water and rub the stain gently in the direction of the fabric till the stain fades away

3. Mop off any excess water with a soft towel and buff with a lint free dry cloth

4. Dry it further immediately with a hair dryer on the lowest heat

For more stubborn stains:

1. Wet a piece of dry cloth with vodka and wipe gently on the stain rubbing along the direction of the fabric till the stain fades away.

2. Spray with hair spray to bring back the shine and leave to air dry – keep a good distance of at least 6 inches before spraying. DO NOT soak the fabric with the amount of spray and be sure to cover any embellishments

Whatever you do, DO NOT clean satin stains with water!

To maintain their glossy lustre, always store your satin shoes in a cotton pouch to avoid accumulation of dust. And every time you wear them, spray them with a little hairspray before they sit pretty in your shoe closet! Because good shoes take you good places!

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